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Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Multipoint vergleichen und immer zum besten Preis online kaufen. Immer günstige Ersatzteile für ihr Auto am Start As system supplier, GU group offers a comprehensive range of products to allow doors to be opened and closed conveniently and safely. Solutions ranging from door hardware to locking technology including multi-point locking through to digital control With automatic locking, this multipoint lock by GU operates in the exact same way you'd be used to with a typical multipoint lock, with the exception that you do not have to lift the handle to engage the locking points. On these locks, when the door closes, the locking bolts automatically trigger and fire off into the keeps in the frame. The lock..

GU Automatic Locking Multipoint Slam-Lock With automatic locking, this multipoint lock by GU operates in the exact same way you'd be used to w.. Prices From: £99.99 + VAT GU Motor & Cable Kit for Electric Motorised Multipoint Lock GU Secury automatic slam locks are a high quality lock that secure the door once it is closed by throwing all of the locking points offering security and compression in one action. Features: High quality manufactured in Germany; Non-handed locks with easy to re-hand round locking point GU-SECURY Automatic provides automatic security: Simply close the door - without locking it, the door is multi-point locked with the automatic latchbolts throwing 20 mm. The deadbolting automatic latches or auto- matic pin bolts (GU-SECURY Automatic AB2 for steel frames) are secured against being forced back

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Door hardware Door closer Multi-point door locks Electric strikes Door hinges Locking systems, mechanical Locking systems, electronic Thresholds Installation material Automatic entrance systems Sliding doors Revolving Doors Swing-door drives Controlled physical access All-glass sliding wall GU-SECURY Automatic-DR - the most secure lock by the inventor of automatic multi-point locks - YouTube Outside doors present special challenges with regard to burglar inhibition, fire protection.. G-U / Ferco Multipoint Lock Hardware. G-U was an early entry in the US market. The GU had a unique handle height of 35 inches. FERCO 528 & 635 were used by Atrium Door and Window. Replace with G-U Roller or Shootbolt versions. Ferco merged with G-U to combine their product lines. To insure you select the correct Multipoint Lock please see our.

Using an Automatic AV2+ mechanical lock, which operates as a slam lock as soon as the door is closed, also reduces the risk of a 'follow-on' attack or 'tailgating' as it is sometimes known. Closing the door behind you as soon as you enter a dwelling gives immediate full security and reduces the risk of anyone trying to enter immediately behind you GU Multipoint door locks are now manufactured with a new style gearbox. You can change the old style lock for a new style lock but you can't replace the old style gearbox with a new style gearbox, the main difference between the old and the new style is the distance between the latch and deadbolt this rarely causes any issues

The GU Secury Automatic Motorised Multipoint Lock provides security - automatically and immediately. By simply closing the door without the need to mechanically lock it, the door is multipoint locked automatically with the 20mm Dead-latches. Can be controlled electronically via access control The GU Secury range of slam shut front entrance door locks are a high security and high performance product. German manufactured with totally flush adjustabl.. This is a video to guide you through the basics of multipoint locks. Key points include how to find the brand logo, a guide to different types of locking poi.. In some respects its just better to bite the bullet and fit a lock that has been designed from the get go to be electrically driven and this is where the GU Automatic electric multipoint lock wins hands down. Not only is it a slam lock and available in a non electric version it can also be driven by an electric motor to completely unlock all bolts and latches so you can simply push or pull the door open

From Only: £178.75 + VAT. Brand: GU. If you want to motorise your GU Automatic Slam Lock, or your existing GU electric multipoint lock's motor has been damaged or deteriorated, this is the genuine GU replacement motor, complete with the genuine GU cable required to get things back up and running GU Multipoint Lock Gear Box Lock pre 2008 LocksOnline Product Reviews. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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AUTOMATIC Multi-Point Locking System - Locks automatically as soon as the door is closed!! At last the method to close and lock your main entrance door has moved into the 21st century!

SKU: IGU37298 Category: Multipoint Door Locks Tags: All Brands, All Brands > Gu Ferco, Backset > 45mm Backset, Deadbolts > 3 Deadbolts, End Type > Radius End, Faceplate Size > 16mm Faceplate, Lock Operation > Key Wind Lock, Lock Operation > Slam Lock, Non Extendable, PZ Screw Centre > 92mm PZ Centre, Spindle Type > Single Spindl GU - - Eagle Active Automatic multipoint lock Special order 45/92 8-16-889-2200 US FG The Automatic Door Lock European technology in a North American Lo - 854-10543. Toggle Navigation 727-786-1450 Call Now. Reviews; Cart Contents Checkout My Account. Home. Multipoint Swing Door Hardware. Ferco - GU. Miltipoint Door Locks. 854-10543 - Automatic Multipoint Door Lock 854-10543. Model: 854-10543. GU Group is one of the leading suppliers of window and door technology, automatic entrance systems and building management systems. It manufactures and distributes architectural hardware, locks, and locking and access control systems of the GU, BKS, FERCO and ela-soft brands. With their comprehensive spectrum of compatible products, GU Group offers hardware solutions for burglar-inhibiting. GU Secury Auto A2 1050 Multipoint Lock The convenient locking system GU-SECURY Automatic, e.g.for house and apartment doors. Simply allow the door to fall shut: As soon as the door is shut, the Automatic latchbolts automatically throw 20 mm and are secured to prevent them being forced back - the door is locked when just p Locking. Lift the handle upwards to engage and lock the locking points. There is no need to turn the key. Opening. Unlock by turning the key clockwise. Push the handle downwards to disengage the locking points. Return the key to withdraw the latch. Automatic Locking (AV2) Locking . Spring loaded hooks automatically throw when the door closes

A great value electronically operated multipoint lock which can be connected to an access control system to provide a multipoint locking solution for UPVC doors. The unit automatically locks when the door is closed. The centre case deadbolt only operates on turn of key. The unit will unlock when 12V DC 2A is applied on turn of the key, on. Automatic multipoint locking: G.U-SECURY Automatic - The lock with the click Tests / Certifi cates DIN 18251-3 class 3 and 4 DIN 18250 VdS class A EN 179 and EN 1125 WK2 to WK4 according to EN 1627 to EN 1630. Automatically locking safety door locks G.U-SECURY Automatic Automatic latchbolt Additional locking component at the top providing optimum security. Automatic latchbolt projection. By simply closing the door without the need to mechanically lock it, the door is multipoint locked automatically with the 20mm Dead-latches. Can be controlled electronically via access control. (Secury Automatic Multipoint c/w A Opener Control Motor) The Door automatically locks on closure via the 3no dead latches. The 3no dead-latches are withdrawn externally via electronic access control or. Product Description - The GU Secury Automatic A2 1770 is a lever operated single spindle multipoint lock system with a Euro profile lock case, 92mm centres and a 20mm wide radius faceplate. This unit incorporates keywind operation and will lock automatically when the door is closed

The GU Secury range of slam shut front entrance door locks are a high security and high performance product. German manufactured with totally flush adjustable keeps. PAS24 tested and used by some of the leading UK Joineries; Fully adjustable keeps, Centred for 54mm doors; Lever handle can be fitted internally for swift exi Including our exclusive Elite Locks with Silbear surface protection and GU locks available with an entire range of sizes and applications. Elite Door Lock Features. All of our Elite Window and Door Hardware is exclusively made by a long established and quality driven European manufacturer. We offer a 10 year manufacturers warranty* across the entire range and all products have the Elite. Multipoint locking systems. Motorised locking mechanism. Automatic locking mechanism. Panic and emergency exit door locks. Window hardware . Electrical door opener. Drive rod locks for doors and gates. NEWS. The next generation of automatic locking systems. autosafe 835 and autotronic 836. The automatic locking system with extra comfort and reliable security thanks to unique DuoSecure. The innovative automatic lock mechanism instantly fires all hooks from a single trigger point as the doo... Yale Lockmaster KeyTurn . A fully key operated multipoint lock for use in doors with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Ideal for use in contemporary designed composite 'pull' doors and traditional 'townhouse' style... Doormaster. Yale Doormaster™ range makes replacing multi. http://www.locksonline.co.uk/acatalog/GU-Reversible-Latch-Deadbolt-Multipoint-Gearbox--Post-2008-.html This is a very popular lock in the UK Ferco GU has bee..

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  1. GU 2 Hook 2 Roller Multipoint Lock, GU 2 Roller Latch & Deadbolt Multipoint Lock Attachment For Shootbolts, GU 3000 ProLock Long Lever Operated Latch Deadbolt 2 Hook 4 Roller, GU 3000 ProLock Short & Slave Latch & Deadbolt 2 Hook 4 Roller, GU 4 Roller Deadbolt and Latch Mulipoint L
  2. Most GU locks can be identified by the 'GU' logo stamped onto the main lock faceplate. In a number of older GU locks, the centre case gearbox commonly fails. This part can be directly replaced meaning there is no need to replace the whole GU full length locking strip making it an affordable repair. We offer the GU 35mm and 30mm Old Type Centre Case Gear Box as well as the New Type G4 35mm.
  3. A single rotation of the key then locks the door. PAS 24 tested and Secured by Design licensed, the Fire Door Slam Shut Autolock has been engineered to provide long term reliability and security. Available in dual spindle for use with 92mm/92mm or 92mm/62mm long backplate handles and is supplied complete with strike plate
  4. How to Install a GU / Ferco Cremona Multipoint Lock How to Install a GU / Ferco Cremona Multipoint Lock Installing a GU / Ferco Cremona Multipoint Lock. If your lock is not a GU/Ferco lock, this article will not help you. To identify whether or not your lock is a GU/Ferco, look at the lock faceplate for the GU or G-U/Ferco logo (shown in picture below). It should be about 7 inches up from the.
  5. You also need to know how your lock is operated — the majority of multipoint locks are lever operated, whereby you lift the lever upwards to engage the locking points, then turn the key to deadlock it. Many front-door locks operate in this fashion but do not allow the lever to open the door from outside, stopping anyone from gaining entry without a key. To provide this function, these locks.
  6. Fall locked outside and free egress from inside when handle fitted. The PE 590 has the same features as the EL 590 but meets EN 1125 when used with the PBE-002 panic bar. Read more. Motorised Locks . EL490/PE490. Abloy motorised lock EL490/PE490 The El490 is a motorised bolt to be used for narrow stile doors with a latch bolt. Inside handle operates at all times or can be controlled.
  7. GU Secury Automatic Slam Lock . Learn More . RRP £102.16. Your Price : Apply / Login. Buy Now. MACO C-TS 2 Hook, 2 Roller Door Locks . Learn More . RRP £29.56. Your Price: Apply / Login. Buy Now. Yale Lockmaster 28 - 2 Hook, 2 Anti-lift Pins, 2 Roller, 16mm Faceplate Bi-fold Door Locks . Learn More . RRP £45.58. Your Price: Apply / Login. Buy Now. Yale Lockmaster 18 | 2 Hook Composite Door.

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New automatic lock with enhanced visual value. Product details. Automatic locking system. Automatic multi-point locking systems from Winkhaus operate effectively and reliably. Further information. Hook locking systems. Trulock + Trulock + Timber or composite door lock offering reduced operating forces and increased on-site installation tolerances. Product details. Trulock KTA. Trulock KTA. The 'Slam Lock' option changes the way that doors work. In the past, the hooks on doors with multipoint locks engage by having to lift the handle. With a Slam Lock, the hooks engage the moment the door is closed. Using the Winkhaus AV2 system, this option gives your customer the peace of mind that if the door is closed, the hooks are engaged. Automatic locking system. Automatic multi-point locking systems from Winkhaus operate effectively and reliably. Further information. Hook locking system. hookLock M. hookLock M . A conically shaped hook and an effective contact pressure offset provide a good locking operation. Product details. hookLock TBV. hookLock TBV. Double hooks and vault bolts offer unrivalled security with 17 locking.

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Gu Ferco 36037 - 45/92 - AT Standard - Automatic 3 Deadbolt Centre locking Radius - End Door Lock £ 79.56 Inc. VAT Gu Ferco 37298 - 45/92 - Top Locking 4 Deadbolt Automatic Door Lock - Radius En Additional lock Lock case GU І WP00333-04-2-2 І 04/2015 7. Automatically locked! GU-SECURY Automatic provides automatic security: Simply close the door - without locking it, the door is multi-point locked with the automatic latchbolts throwing 20 mm. The Automatic latchbolts or Automatic pin bolts (GU-SECURY AutomaticAB2 for steel frames) are secured against being forced back. From outside. The OLD GU gearbox is suitable for the older type of GU multipoint locking mechanisms . It is an easy to change gearbox and will swap over with just a starbit that comes free with the case. The gearbox has a deadbolt and a latch, and the backset is available in a 30mm or 35mm backset. Please check you have measured your backset correctly before ordering (See image below) Please check your.

Our new multipoint lock features keyless entry, automatic locking and the possibility to integrate smart control devices. More. More. Dallas Sliding Door Handle. Expanding upon the existing Dallas product offering; add modern lines to your clients' sliding door for a complete look. More . More. Contemporary Door Hardware. New to our offering is the Contemporary Door Hardware. This hardware. GU EUROPA Multipoint Lock-Rhino with Hooks. G-U / Ferco EUROPA Series with Key BELOW handle The Rhino Hooks Provide extra security, especially for taller doors Several Backsets Available from 1-3/8 (35mm) to 2-3/8 (60mm) Article: How to Install GU-Ferco Multipoint Lock GU-SECURY Automatic provides automatic security: Simply close the door - without locking it, the door is multi-point locked with the automatic latch bolts throwing 20 mm. The Automatic latchbolts are secured against being forced back. From outside, the release of the door pulled shut is effected by a turn of the key, from inside via the lever. Yale Lockmaster AutoEngage is a new multi-point locking system. Designed, developed and tested to Yale's exacting standards, delivering high-performance security whilst also complementing contemporary and heritage door styles AUTOMATIC Multi-Point Locking System - Locks automatically but hooks can be retracted remotely via access control blueMatic AV2-E Electronic Locking system. The AV2 Autolock has the optional capability of becoming an electronic access controlled locking system. The lock is designed to accept a screw on 12v electronic motor which can then be controlled by means of industry standard.

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The AS 3500 and AS 3600 automatic multi-point locks, lock the door via the auxiliary lock cases whenever the door is closed. This ensures complete insurance protection, even without locking the main lock, and combines permanent intruder resistance with special ease of use. To elevate this to the highest level, you easily can upgrade the two automatic locks to electromechanical multi-point. Mul-T-Lock offers a number of solutions that can aid door and hardware professionals to succeed at their job. Our training classes aim to strengthen your access control security knowledge.. Find the upcoming virtual training from Mul-T-Lock Academy her

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The Winkhaus blueMatic AV2-B is a keyless, remote operated door locking system which locks via an automatic slam lock feature, ensuring the door locks upon closure. The unit requires 2 x AA batteries, giving it a battery life of 2 - 3 years, and will take a double or half euro cylinder, although a cylinder is not required to lock or unlock the door (cylinders and batteries sold separately. This new lock satisfies the need for traditional looking rim latches on composite doors, yet with the benefit of high security, multipoint locking. The AV2 is seen as an upgrade from the standard Key Wind Up and traditional rim lock used on our doors. Up until now, modern multi-point locking systems haven't lent themselves to doors that feature pull door furniture, particularly Georgian and.

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Multipoint Locks What Is A Multipoint Locking System? Multipoint locking systems (MPLS) became widely used in the mid 80's on residential properties throughout the UK. Over time these systems fail. Why do they fail? Well like most mechanical products they can become worn & tired and therefore break. Some of these multi point locking systems []</p> Multi Point Lock Trim Multi Point Locks offer multiple latching points with one locking mechanism. We offer a multitude of different Multi Point Lock Trims. Utilize the filters on the left to narrow your search by style or finish and find the Multi Point Lock that best suits your needs! Melrose Style 2-7/8 x 17-1/2 Keyed 3-5/8 Center to Center Melrose Style 2-7/8 x 17-1/2 Keyed Euro 3-5/8.

Based on our popular Crimebeater lock, the Slam Shut Autolock has an actuator unit positioned between the centre case and the top bolt. Quality Locks & Homeware Ltd. 2,443 Followers · Retail Company. Multipoint Lock Shop. 457 Followers · Home Security Company. Locksmith Supplies. 1,537 Followers · Company. Locksmith-Directory.org.uk . 590 Followers · Business Service. Mul-T-Lock UK. FUHR MULTISAFE 833 AUTOMATIC DOOR LOCK. SECURE LOCKING EVERY TIME YOU CLOSE THE DOOR. Find out more. Roto Twin Cam Espagnolettes. Up to 4 pairs of dual reverse action cams with the TSL Find out more . FUHR Multipoint Locking systems. Mechanical. Automatic. Electronic. Find out more. Welcome to Carl F Groupco. Welcome to Carl F Groupco . Working in close partnership with some of Europe's. Automatic/Manual: Automatic and manual designation refer to the operation of the lock. The locking points on automatic multipoint locks automatically engage when the door is closed—without any manipulation of the handle. Manual locks require a turn of the handle in order to engage the locking points after the door has been closed Here at Locks and Hardware Direct we have a huge range of multipoint centre cases/gearboxes, which can be viewed below. If you have any further queries about any of our products then please get in touch with our team of experts by phoning 0800 304 7355 If you're looking for durable digital locks for keyless access, Duffells have supplied the trade top products and prices for 60 years. Buy online today

Buy the very best multipoint locks online today. Filtering By . Faceplate Flat 20mm Automatic Locking 3. Fast Locking (Europa Plus) Key Wind 1. Lever/Lever 1. Lift Lever 4. Lift Lever Or Double Spindle Nightlatch 7. Lift Lever Or Split Spindle Nightlatch 13. Slave Lock. 1, 2 or 3 Piece. 1 12. 2. 3. Distance Between Inner Locking Points. 890mm. 1040mm. 1086mm. 1220mm. 1300mm. 1420mm. 1480mm. Golden Locks, Inc. Locksmith in Anaheim & Huntington Beach, Orange County provide multiple security services 24/7. Also, buy online Locks, Safes & Keys etc A single rotation of the key then locks the door. Available in dual spindle for use with 92mm/92mm or 92mm/62mm long backplate handles and is supplied complete with strike plate. The Fullex Autolock fire door slam shut lock is also perfect to combine with the Kinetica 3* Kitemarked Euro Cylinder, giving you a solution that offers high security, reliability and easy operation: Product Codes.

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Buy multipoint door locks with free UK delivery. Save up to 25% off all leading multipoint door locks. Order online at Saunderson Security - Discounting locks, not your safety The Auto-Secure is a 'slam shut security' rated front entrance door lock. Each locking position operates in the manner of a latch but when closed the spring loaded latch throws an additional 20mm to achieve a fully secure door. Released by a key externally or a handle release internally. - Can connect to an electronic keyless access system (please contact our sale team for more information.

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Established in New York City in 1983, Securitech® is an independent manufacturer of high-security door locks. Originally founded to create and produce multi-point door locks, Securitech quickly added automatic deadbolt locking and electric locking solutions to its catalog of products. All Securitech product designs are driven by the needs of the end-user, security director and architect Here at MPL we have searched far and wide for the best possible range of replacement uPVC door locking systems, with over 100 different types and sizes - It's easy to see why we're fast gaining the reputation of one of the UK's premier multipoint lock specialist. Click here to see our policy on the coronavirus. Call us free for help identifying your uPVC door lock on 0800 197 6885. Home. Yale AutoSecure is a new multi-point locking system from the world's favourite lock company. The innovative automatic lock mechanism instantly fires all hooks from a single trigger point as the door closes-removing the need to lift the handle. Improving ease of use for residents with limited mobility and combating common issues faced by landlords and social housing agencies, Yale AutoSecure.

UPVC Door Locks - MultiPoint Locks - Replacement locking systems for uPVC or wood doors, huge online catalogue & next day delivery. Including Yale, Coldseal, Fuhr, Ferco, G-U, Avocet, Lockmaster and many more. Click here to see our policy on the coronavirus. Call us free for help identifying your uPVC door lock on 0800 197 6885. Home; Delivery; Testimonials; Contact Us; My Account; Search. The automatic opening and closing of hinged doors ensures accessibility, comfort and safety, especially in public buildings. The advantages of the swing door operator are also used for entrance doors in the façade: Combined with a multipoint locking system, burglary protection and escape route security are achieved in addition to accessibilit

Slam LatchSlam Cam Lock - Self Locking Spring Bolt LatchSaftidor Slam Lock Kit Bronze | Online Security SparesLegge 707 Silver/Brass Standard Stile Cylinder RimChannell Can Wrench with Type LG Slam Lock Key

Multipoint 4 Roller Door Lock GU Europa 92mm Centred Door Locking Mechanism Size: Distance between outer rollers: 1610mm Distance between inner rollers: 670mm There are two versions of this mechanism available featuring different distances... £47.70 Inc. VAT. £39.75 Ex. VAT. Choose Options. Qty in Cart: 0. Price: £47.70 Inc. VAT. £39.75 Ex. VAT. Subtotal: Choose Options. Choose Options. GU Gearbox Lock Case Old Mk1 Match Replacement 35 Backset 92pz Metal. £33.85. Add to Cart. Add to Compare . Maco CTS Door Lock Case 45mm Backset Gear Box Centre Latest Range. Rating: 100%. 1 Review. £43.33. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Winkhaus Upvc Split Spindle Pack Door Handle and Door Lock for Key Only Entry. £5.64. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Safeware Upvc Door Lock Gear Box Only 35mm. Locking points. Auto engage key retract locking mechanism; Security latches automatically fire upon closure offering 20mm deadbolt engagement ; Fully reversible security latches; Central deadbolt provides independent security with a 20mm throw; Hold-back feature to prevent accidental lock-outs; Available in 35mm and 45mm backset options; Suitable for composite and timber doors; Designed to be. Auto-Bolt ™ MAX.. Automatic Deadbolt Protection. Securitech, the leader in multi-point locking door hardware, has answered the call for automatic deadbolt multi-point locking with an automatic locking function for high-traffic doors

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